Issues in Manufacturing

Industrial robots have been able to increase the productivity and efficiency of a variety of application's production lines. However, it does not come without issues or challenges while things are being integrated and ironed out. It is important to understand their are growing pains that will soon resolve and be worth it in the end.

Issues in Manufacturing


Manufacturing has become a highly competitive field of work. Higher product demands and increased complexity have pushed companies to the limits.

Changing manufacturing processes can be challenging. It may drive up initial costs due to purchasing or moving around machinery, equipment and tooling. More emphasis on lean processes is crucial to compete with overseas competitors.

One solution for manufacturing issues is to incorporate a robot system. They are extremely flexible in the types of tasks they can perform, easier to move around and increase product throughput. Having a diverse robot in a manufacturing company can help reduce costs because it can be used for multiple applications. It is all in the matter of changing out the end of arm tooling and programming.

Manufacturing can also involve extreme work environments or tedious tasks that after time can become harmful or boring to employees. Industrial eliminate the hazardous work conditions from affecting workers and increase product rates with consistent performance.

Technology is always changing and improving. Staying a front runner in a manufacturing company involves creativity and willingness to change. Industrial robots not only can help with automating a process, it also helps keep local jobs. Many manufacturers have been forced to shut down because of the cheap labor that is available overseas. However, by introducing a robot into production lines, companies can gain a competitive edge and stay in the current location. Some may argue that a welding robot replaces a welder’s job. But there is still a need for a programmer and a technician to be involved in operating the robot. Times are changing and so are special skill sets.

Robot education is another manufacturing issue. RobotWorx has been working with education programs for many years to help incorporate robot technology into schools. The industrial robot is essential to help reduce costs in the manufacturing world. By providing more education on robot operating and programming, higher quality employees are produced.

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