It's All About That Strength - Robot Payloads

An industrial robot can provide great strength to your production line, helping to tackle the back breaking labor and spare the human workers. Industrial robots with large payload capacities will bring your production line not only strength but also speed and great precision. ​Depending on the needs of your applications, there are industrial robots that can lift up to 1300 kgs.

It's All About That Strength - Robot Payloads


So, you’re thinking about getting a robot? One of the things you will have to research is the robot payload capacity. A robot payload is the maximum of weight that a robot can pick up or manipulate. This is important to any manufacturer looking to automate their production line, because if you do not factor in payload capacity, you will not get the advantages of speed and accuracy from your robotic system.

There are robots that can pick up almost anything. Robots can pick up 3kg, and some can pick up as much as 1300kgs. What you choose depends on what you need the robot to do. Many manufacturers choose robots with large payload capacities because they can single-handedly pick up and move items that one human worker could never lift on their own. These robots help production to run more efficiently, saving the company time and money on production.

On the other hand, if your production line works with very small parts, you may want to invest in a robot with a lower payload capacity. These robots tend to be smaller, and can interact easier with small parts. A small payload capacity robotic system may work well for an electronics company, for example, in areas where motherboards and other electronics with small pieces, welding and wiring need to be put together.

As you can see, the payload capacity of the robot you choose is very important. It needs to perfectly match the amount that your robot needs to lift or manipulate. But, there are so many different robots, how will you know what to choose, right? Oh, that one is easy – just give a call. provides solutions from several of the top robotics companies in the industry, including Fanuc, ABB, KUKA, Universal Robots, and Motoman. Our staff will help you from the initial consultation, all the way through to integrating the robot into your workspace. Our technicians and engineers are highly trained and can assist you in choosing the right payload capacity for your robot, along with answering any other questions you have while constructing your system.

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