Just How Clean is a FANUC Cleanroom Robot?

A FANUC cleanroom robot ensures that the level of particles in the air is kept to a minimum. ​There are a variety of FANUC cleanroom robots available, all that offer different reaches and payload capabilities. Depending on the needs of the lab or cleanroom facility, there are different levels of cleanliness available per cleanroom robot.

Just How Clean is a FANUC Cleanroom Robot?


Cleanroom robots were developed to work in environments that had to be controlled and cleaned to ensure only a certain level of particles could be in the air at any time. FANUC had developed an entire line of cleanroom robots with different reaches and payload capabilities to fit almost any application a lab or other cleanroom facility may want to throw at it. But, how clean is clean for a FANUC cleanroom robotic system?

According to Robotics.org, cleanliness classes for cleanroom robots are 1 to 100,000 are a scale that measures the particle count per cubic foot, equivalent to the cleanroom’s volume. A cleanroom 1 robot can be in an environment where there is no more than one 0.5 micron particle per cubic foot, a cleanroom 100 robot can be in an environment with 100 size 0.5 microns per cubic foot, and so on.

FANUC cleanroom robotic systems are made with special belts, coating and parts so that they do not fling particles into the air and contaminate the air past the respective levels necessary to keep the cleanroom as clean as it needs to be to complete its task. Electronics that create LCDs, disk drive assemblies and other hardware find cleanroom robots necessary to ensure that their parts and put together with as little contamination as possible.

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