Keyence Quality Inspection Tool LJ-V7000 Series

May 12, 2018

The Keyence LJ-V7000 series offers a non-contact inspection tool that decreases damage and human error. It brings incredibly fast speeds and precision to your production line.

Keyence QA inspection tool on a robot

The man­u­fac­tur­ing process con­tin­ues to tack­le com­plex parts while also main­tain­ing qual­i­ty con­trol stan­dards by using new and improved inspec­tion tools such as the Keyence LJ-V7000 Series. 

Keyence excels at cre­at­ing prod­ucts that improve cus­tomer’s man­u­fac­tur­ing process­es. They engi­neer their prod­ucts to be ver­sa­tile and avail­able to be used in a wide range of appli­ca­tions and indus­tries. Keyence has worked for over 30 years with the indus­tries they serve, help­ing them pro­vide opti­mal solu­tions and prod­ucts. This is seen with the Keyence LJ-V7000 series.

This series is an ultra-high speed in-line pro­filome­ter that uses blue laser tech­nol­o­gy to help with tai­lored blank weld­ing appear­ance inspec­tion, warpage and flat­ness, width and posi­tion, and pro­file and cross sec­tion. This high-speed 2D/3D Keyence laser scan­ner is able to improve qual­i­ty, catch defects, and increase yield. It rede­fines pro­file mea­sure­ment and inspec­tion for parts or weld pro­files, form­ing an ultra-sta­ble and high­ly accu­rate pro­file image. The LJ-V7000 series offers incred­i­ble response capa­bil­i­ties, detec­tion sta­bil­i­ty, and supe­ri­or lens­ing and pro­pri­etary image processing. 


(source: https://​www​.keyence​.com/)

This qual­i­ty inspec­tion tool is offered as an add-on option for any robot and brand sold through Robots​.com, bring­ing the fol­low­ing advan­tages and attributes.

High Speeds

It is the world’s fastest at 64,000 profiles/​sec with a com­pact, space sav­ing design. This qual­i­ty inspec­tion tool uses extreme high def­i­n­i­tion scan­ning tech­niques to scan parts as they move at high speeds. 


(source: https://​www​.keyence​.com/)

LJ‑V Series Offers Non-Con­tact Measurement

Com­mon con­cerns with con­ven­tion­al con­tact sen­sors and 1D laser dis­place­ment are scratch­ing, fur­ther work-piece dam­age, and increased chances for human error. Inline pro­file mea­sure­ments and inspec­tions are also dif­fi­cult. Also, the con­ven­tion­al 1D laser dis­place­ment sen­sors used for inspec­tion aren’t always suf­fi­cient for height dif­fer­ence and warp-age mean­ing mul­ti­ple units typ­i­cal­ly are required. Oth­er cam­era inspec­tion machines can make light instal­la­tion trou­ble­some and height inspec­tion and height dif­fer­ence impos­si­ble as it uses X and Y planes only. The LJ‑V Series solves these issues by imple­ment­ing appro­pri­ate qual­i­ty con­trol such as non-con­tact mea­sure­ments and using a sin­gle device for mul­ti­ple sensors. 

Non-con­tact mea­sure­ment as seen with the LJ‑V series means there is no result­ing dam­age to work­pieces, no need to stop the line, or vari­a­tion in results from work­er to work­er. It can mea­sure once with a 2D laser, has mul­ti­ple mea­sure­ment modes, and there is no need to move the sensor. 

Sim­ple Installation

Also, the Keyence LJ-V7000 series sim­pli­fies instal­la­tion as it doesn’t need lights, pro­vides height mea­sure­ment, and offers X, Y, and Z planes with a sin­gle device 3D imag­ing with addi­tion­al image pro­cess­ing. There is also no wor­ry of errors caused by col­or irregularity.

This series has the abil­i­ty to pro­vide accu­rate pro­file mea­sure­ments even in cas­es where black sur­faces, inclines with low reflec­tive, and metal­lic sur­faces with high reflec­tiv­i­ty are mixed togeth­er under the same opti­cal axis. 


The LJ-V7000 Series is equipped with new­ly devel­oped HSE3-CMOS. In addi­tion to the improved High Speed (HS), this series has fur­ther been equipped with Enhanced Eye Emu­la­tion (E3) which helps to fur­ther improve speeds.

It has a wide dynam­ic range and extreme­ly short expo­sure time of 15.5 μs (64 kHz) that enables sen­si­tiv­i­ty reli­able enough to mea­sure a range of sur­faces from black (small amount of reflec­tion) sur­faces to those with lus­ter (large amount of reflection).

Ultra Sta­ble

The LJ-V7000 forms ultra-sta­ble and high­ly accu­rate pro­file images. The LJ-V7000 is the first 2D laser dis­place­ment sen­sor in the world to adopt a blue laser. These mea­sure­ments are also sta­ble. The laser light is pro­ject­ed in a hor­i­zon­tal line by the cylin­dri­cal lens. It dif­fuse­ly reflects on the tar­get object and then is focused on HSE3-CMOS. Then any changes in posi­tion, shape, dis­place­ment, etc. can be measured. 

All Mea­sure­ments Possible

The LJ‑V series has a vari­ety of head vari­a­tions, mea­sure­ment modes, and 3D inspec­tion to help per­form any mea­sure­ment pos­si­ble. It is also user friend­ly as there is an auto­mat­ic set­ting opti­miza­tion function.

Dif­fer­ent Sen­sor Heads

There are 8 dif­fer­ent sen­sor heads avail­able for a wide range of needs in the LJ-V7000 series: the LJ-V7020, LJ-V7020K, LJ-V7060, LJ-V7060k, LJ-V7080, LJ-V7200, and LJ-V7300



(source: https://​www​.keyence​.com/)

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When it comes to robot­ic sys­tems, Robots​.com typ­i­cal­ly works with the LJ-V7080 option. The LJ-V7080 has a mid­dle mea­sure­ment range from 80 +/- 23 mm. 

Robots​.com can inte­grate a vari­ety of add-on fea­tures for indus­tri­al robots, to include qual­i­ty inspec­tion tools. If you are inter­est­ed in a Keyence LJ-V7080 or any oth­er QA inspec­tion tool, please con­tact us here or call us at 8777626881.

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