Keyence Quality Inspection Tool LJ-V7000 Series

Keyence QA inspection tool on a robot

The manufacturing process continues to tackle complex parts while also maintaining quality control standards by using new and improved inspection tools such as the Keyence LJ-V7000 Series. 

Keyence excels at creating products that improve customer's manufacturing processes. They engineer their products to be versatile and available to be used in a wide range of applications and industries. Keyence has worked for over 30 years with the industries they serve, helping them provide optimal solutions and products. This is seen with the Keyence LJ-V7000 series.

This series is an ultra-high speed in-line profilometer that uses blue laser technology to help with tailored blank welding appearance inspection, warpage and flatness, width and position, and profile and cross section. This high-speed 2D/3D Keyence laser scanner is able to improve quality, catch defects, and increase yield. It redefines profile measurement and inspection for parts or weld profiles, forming an ultra-stable and highly accurate profile image. The LJ-V7000 series offers incredible response capabilities, detection stability, and superior lensing and proprietary image processing.  



This quality inspection tool is offered as an add-on option for any robot and brand sold through RobotWorx, bringing the following advantages and attributes.

High Speeds

It is the world’s fastest at 64,000 profiles/sec with a compact, space saving design. This quality inspection tool uses extreme high definition scanning techniques to scan parts as they move at high speeds. 



LJ-V Series Offers Non-Contact Measurement

Common concerns with conventional contact sensors and 1D laser displacement are scratching, further work-piece damage, and increased chances for human error. Inline profile measurements and inspections are also difficult. Also, the conventional 1D laser displacement sensors used for inspection aren’t always sufficient for height difference and warp-age meaning multiple units typically are required. Other camera inspection machines can make light installation troublesome and height inspection and height difference impossible as it uses X and Y planes only. The LJ-V Series solves these issues by implementing appropriate quality control such as non-contact measurements and using a single device for multiple sensors. 

Non-contact measurement as seen with the LJ-V series means there is no resulting damage to workpieces, no need to stop the line, or variation in results from worker to worker.  It can measure once with a 2D laser, has multiple measurement modes, and there is no need to move the sensor. 

Simple Installation

Also, the Keyence LJ-V7000 series simplifies installation as it doesn’t need lights, provides height measurement, and offers X, Y, and Z planes with a single device 3D imaging with additional image processing. There is also no worry of errors caused by color irregularity.

This series has the ability to provide accurate profile measurements even in cases where black surfaces, inclines with low reflective, and metallic surfaces with high reflectivity are mixed together under the same optical axis.  


The LJ-V7000 Series is equipped with newly developed HSE3-CMOS. In addition to the improved High Speed (HS), this series has further been equipped with Enhanced Eye Emulation (E3) which helps to further improve speeds.

It has a wide dynamic range and extremely short exposure time of 15.5 μs (64 kHz) that enables sensitivity reliable enough to measure a range of surfaces from black (small amount of reflection) surfaces to those with luster (large amount of reflection).

Ultra Stable

The LJ-V7000 forms ultra-stable and highly accurate profile images. The LJ-V7000 is the first 2D laser displacement sensor in the world to adopt a blue laser. These measurements are also stable. The laser light is projected in a horizontal line by the cylindrical lens. It diffusely reflects on the target object and then is focused on HSE3-CMOS. Then any changes in position, shape, displacement, etc. can be measured. 

All Measurements Possible

The LJ-V series has a variety of head variations, measurement modes, and 3D inspection to help perform any measurement possible. It is also user friendly as there is an automatic setting optimization function.

Different Sensor Heads

There are 8 different sensor heads available for a wide range of needs in the LJ-V7000 series: the LJ-V7020, LJ-V7020K, LJ-V7060, LJ-V7060k,  LJ-V7080, LJ-V7200, and LJ-V7300. 




Contact RobotWorx Today!

When it comes to robotic systems, RobotWorx typically works with the LJ-V7080 option. The LJ-V7080 has a middle measurement range from 80 +/- 23 mm. 

RobotWorx can integrate a variety of add-on features for industrial robots, to include quality inspection tools.  If you are interested in a Keyence LJ-V7080 or any other QA inspection tool, please contact us here or call us at 740-251-4312.

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