KUKA removal robots get rid of edges for plastics industry

KUKA's material removal robots help to remove the edges in the plastic industry. The removal robots from KUKA are very versatile and can help with deburring, drilling, cutting, or any other end of arm tooling necessary.

KUKA removal robots get rid of edges for plastics industry


In the plastics industry, material removal robots are needed to get rid of unsightly edges that are left over during the molding process. KUKA removal robots are used for several of these removal applications.

One plastics industry manufacturing using KUKA robotic removal makes plastic toboggans and child seats. KUKA stated that once the work piece comes out of the blow molding process, there are plenty of burs on the edges that need to be smoothed and evened out.

Deburring, one of the many KUKA removal robotic applications, has to be applied to these pieces to make them uniform. Without this KUKA removal process, other pieces that have to be fit into the seat or toboggan may not fit, which could cause damage to the entire product.

Uniformity is important for plastic pieces, which is why many plastics industry manufacturers turn to KUKA removal robot systems. These robots provide consistency and speed that aren’t achievable through manual applications.

These removal robots from KUKA are highly flexible. They can perform several different removal processes like deburring, drilling and cutting with just a simple change to their end-of-arm-tooling. This means that one robot can do the job of several machines or different work stations on the line, cutting down on equipment costs for manufacturers.

When you’re looking for a material removal robot from an industry leader, KUKA removal robots are one of the most viable options for your process.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for KUKA Robotics, has several different KUKA material removal robots available for customization and purchase. Our staff will work with you to design and build the perfect material removal robot system or workcell for your facility. Our catalog of robot models, along with several different workcell designs, allows for flexible automation in almost any work space.

For more information on automating your material removal process with KUKA robots, contact RobotWorx online or at 877-762-6881.