KUKA Robot Technology

KUKA has been around for more than 100 years and thus have been able to create a wide range of robots to suit many different applications. KUKA robots can perform material handling, dispensing, material removal, and welding applications with incredible accuracy and precision. They can also be mounted in a variety of ways such as shelf, floor, or wall mounts.

KUKA Robot Technology


KUKA is a name that has been around for more than 100 years. While they started out as a welding company, KUKA’s robot technology has far surpassed many of their competitors over the years, especially when it comes to specialty models and the ability to keep workers safe in harsh environments.

There are many different technology series in the KUKA robot family. These robots can perform dozens of material handling, dispensing, material removal and welding applications. However, there are also special robot models that are able to do something a little more specific for different applications. This robot technology from KUKA can include specific height or reach requirements, specialized payload requirements, or even different mounting options, like shelf or wall mounted robots.

While these special, application specific, robots are a great technological help for their customers, it is not all that KUKA has to offer. KUKA robots also have the technology to keep their workers safe in more hazardous environments. With robots that have specialized parts and coatings, manufacturers do not need to subject workers to environments that are burning hot or freezing cold. These robots can work faster and more efficiently to improve production, while also keeping workers away from elements that may be hazardous to their health.

All in all, KUKA technology includes robots that can perform all manner of robotic applications, and that technology will probably continue to improve for decades to come.

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