Laser Cutting and Metal Forming in Hopkinsville, KY

Robots are able to successfully complete laser cutting processes and improve the production line quality. This is because robotic systems can handle the laser cutting application with incredible accuracy and high speeds. Industrial robots help to product a top quality products for their consumers.

Laser Cutting and Metal Forming in Hopkinsville, KY


With a population of over 30,000 residents, Hopkinsville, Kentucky is not exactly small. The area has a wide range of businesses and industry that one would not expect to find in a town that size. Over 50 companies make up the landscape, including international companies and Fortune 500 companies. One of the oldest bowling ball manufacturers in existence even calls Hopkinsville home, producing the majority of bowling balls for the world. There is also a large agribusiness sense in Hopkinsville with many large cash crops like corn, tobacco and soybeans grown every year. Despite the business, there is one thing that could improve the economic landscape for these manufacturers and growers, and that is robotic automation.

One large company that has been in the Hopkinsville eye for more than 10 years is Martinrea International. The company specializes in metal forming and laser cutting processes, both which are perfectly suited for the integration of robot automation.

Robots are able to perform die casting, metal rolling, metal extrusion, tooling and die making processes necessary for the products at companies like Martinrea International. These metal forming processes can be handled by robots, along with the welding and assembly of metal fabrications. If a piece needs to be cut, robotic systems can handle the laser cutting application with pinpoint accuracy, something that is not possible for their human counterparts. By choosing robotic automation for their parts, companies like Martinrea not only improve the speed of their production, but also turn out top quality products for their consumers.

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