Lean Manufacturing with Robotic Workcells

Integrating a robotic workcell onto your production line will help to increase the efficiency, cost, and part quality on your production line. Pre-engineered workcells by companies such as RobotWorx are designed specifically to bring lean manufacturing to the production line. This helps to improve the application flow and decrease the waste during the production process.

Lean Manufacturing with Robotic Workcells


A robot workcell should be designed in a way that improves efficiency, reduces cost and improves part quality for the given robotic application. Pre-engineered workcells are designed on the principles of lean manufacturing to improve application flow and eliminate waste during the process. As defined by asq.org, Lean Manufacturing is “a set of management practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating waste. The core principle of lean is to reduce and eliminate non-value adding activities and waste”.

Workcells are not just safety barriers, though that is a key component, but they also allow multi-tasking. While a robot works on one side of the positioner, you can safely load and unload a part on the other side. This eliminates extra steps every time a part passes through this station.

Robotic workcells that are well designed into production flow are more efficient through their flexibility. Robots can be programmed to do multiple functions. Several robots can weld one piece or multiple pieces simultaneously, improving production throughput and robot uptime optimization. One robot can load a part onto a fixture while another cuts or drills the piece, preparing it for the next operation in the process. These robots can work together, performing various tasks that save time and cost for the manufacturer.

Lean manufacturing is also accomplished by reducing waste with robotic accuracy and consistency. Through proper layout and design, workcells can help maximize the use of floor space. It is important to choose the right robotic workcell for your application and part type. There are plenty of options available with different types of positioners to choose from. Time is money and having a highly efficient workcell can maximize throughput.

Using an experienced robotic integrator, such as RobotWorx, can help maximize your investment, by designing a system that meets your exact needs. We have over 28 years of experience integrating new and reconditioned robots and robotic workcells. RobotWorx can design a workcell to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process, to save time and operating costs, while minimizing waste.

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