Lighten Up the Load with Robots

Industrial robots can help carry your company's loads and avoid worker's fatigue. The robots can carry hundreds of pounds of gear while maintaining stability and creating a product with great precision. The high power density and advanced technology will successfully increase your production's product quality and consistency.

Lighten Up the Load with Robots


Robots with light weight can still perform powerful tasks, and robots now have the capability to lighten humans’ loads in special circumstances.

5D Robotics is collaborating with the US Army, Segway, and DRS Technologies to develop robots that will help carry some of the gear load soldiers need. The Army wants to prevent injuries caused when soldiers’ loads are extremely heavy. A lighter load to carry would also help stave off fatigue for the soldiers. Since the robots can’t tire, they can carry hundreds of pounds of gear while remaining agile in complex terrain.

The third generation of lightweight robotic arms is lighter and more powerful: the LWA 3. The application possibilities are versatile, and can be used for inspection systems, service robotics, human-machine-interaction, and utilization on mobile platforms. The combination of high power density and light materials for connecting technology allow the arm to carry twice the payload. The interconnected aluminum structure enables the weight optimization.

KUKA’s lightweight robot, the LBR, was designed for the purpose of working more closely with human operators. The modular lightweight robot is based on the human arm and possesses seven degrees of freedom. This allows greater flexibility and ease of manipulation compared with typical industrial robots. It has integrated sensors and innovative control algorithms that enable it to yield to external forces.

The LBR has a sensitive touch, feels its way towards objects, and allows itself to be gently pushed away by humans. It allows itself to be guided, and this is how it gathers information and “learns.” Further, it can teach the human operator complex motion sequences. While it only weighs 14 kg, it is still a powerful lifter. Its joints are connected using CRP structures, and it is fitted with light HD gear units and motors with a low power-weight ratio.

There are many types of lightweight robots available at RobotWorx. We provide robotics solutions from KUKA, Universal Robots, Motoman, Fanuc and ABB robots, each carrying robots of different sizes and weights. Contact us today online or at 877-762-6881 for more information.