Lincoln Electric's Power Wave Technology Provides High Quality Welds

Lincoln Electric Robot Power Sources

Lincoln Electric's Power Wave power sources are capable of complex, highspeed, and high performance waveform control. The Power Wave technology was designed to provide complete weld quality control for the needs of all customer's and their complex material requirements. It offers manufacturers with flexibility and customization necessary for any part profile.

Power Wave provides a view of the entire welding operation to the customer while also offering maximum flexibility, process customization, and all of the tools necessary to complete weld quality control. It increases productivity with its advanced processes for specific applications such as wire diameter, alloy composition, and welding position.

Power Wave operates on three principles that help provide this superb quality control.

  1. The Waveform Control Technology helps to implement and optimize arc performance for a specific welding application.
  2. The control provides the quality and part-to-part consistency enhancement with equipment and operator metrics and procedure range lockouts.
  3. The software solutions help to verify the welding operation with a dashboard view and the ability to pinpoint operations that need improvement.

Incorrect welding procedures can lead to errors or costly rework with improper settings and up-stream tolerances. Power Wave platform by Lincoln Electric was designed with the operator, foreman, and engineer in mind. It helps to prevent these common welding errors by presenting necessary information to the operator which helps to eliminate guess work and provide greater management with necessary tools to establish appropriate boundaries. This further guides operators through decisions and offers quality assurance.

The software in the Power Wave platform by Lincoln Electric will enable software options for productivity metrics, ways to verify weld quality, and help supply traceability reports to customers. 

Further advantages of Power Wave technology includes less time necessary for operator training because the system has a less complex set-up; the advanced processes and modern equipment with fast arc response are easier to optimize.

If you are interested in the Power Wave technology by Lincoln Electric, contact RobotWorx experts today. Our representatives will listen to your specific needs and guide you to the perfect solution for your automation needs. They are available at 740-251-4312 or you can reach them online.

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