Loading Industrial Machines with Used Motoman Robots

Aug 12, 2014

Motoman robots is a true innovator of robotic technology, producing amazing robots for the integration on your production line as seen with their loading robots. Robots.com is proud to offer both new and used machine loading robots to their customers. Get in touch with a representative today to find out which system would be best for the integration on your production line.


There are sev­er­al robot com­pa­nies in the indus­try that pro­duce machine load­ing robots. One of those com­pa­nies, Motoman Robot­ics, man­u­fac­tur­ers sev­er­al dif­fer­ent robot mod­els that can be used for machine load­ing, as well as dozens of oth­er mate­r­i­al han­dling applications.

Motoman machine load­ing robot sys­tems are designed to han­dle a vari­ety of items. One cus­tomer want­ed a Motoman machine loader that was flex­i­ble enough to load raw pipe cou­plings into a hydraulic press for trim­ming, accord­ing to the Motoman web­site. The sys­tem had to have a pro­duc­tion rate of at least 6.9 sec­onds per pick and had to be able to han­dle at least four dif­fer­ent cou­pling sizes. Along with those goals, Motoman had to build a robot­ic machine loader that could reduce the need for man­u­al labor for the com­pa­ny, as well as elim­i­nat­ing down­time and improv­ing oper­a­tor safe­ty by reduc­ing stress injuries.

Motoman was able to step up to this chal­lenge and hit it out of the park, which is in line with their rep­u­ta­tion as a top robot­ics com­pa­ny. They used a Motoman HP series machine load­ing robot with a Motoman con­troller, an index­ing posi­tion­er, a cus­tom grip­per and two machine load­ing oper­a­tor sta­tions. The robot sys­tem was able to han­dle all the required parts, with a cycle time that was up to 30 per­cent faster than what the cus­tomer ini­tial­ly request­ed. The sys­tem also hits all the oth­er points of reduc­ing man­u­al labor and increas­ing safe­ty for the manufacturer.

When man­u­fac­tur­ers are look­ing for robot sys­tems like the one above from Motoman, they usu­al­ly con­tact a robot­ics inte­gra­tor like Robots​.com. When you choose a com­pa­ny like Robots​.com to build your Motoman robot machine loader or work­cell, you are get­ting a com­pa­ny that is ded­i­cat­ed to build­ing you the per­fect sys­tem to meet all of your needs.

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