Loading parts with Motoman Robots

Motoman robotics is a leader in the robotics industry, as seen with their loading robots. Motoman's loading robots help increase the productivity of manufacturing lines as they can load parts from one conveyor to another. Loading robots take over all of the back breaking work, they also don't need to take breaks or vacations!

Loading parts with Motoman Robots


Loading parts from one area to another is an important during production, whether that means loading the parts from one conveyor to another for further production purposes, moving parts into packaging areas, or loading a part into a work cell. Motoman Robotics, a leader in the robotics industry, has developed many different robot models capable of efficiently loading parts for their customers.

Motoman robots load a plethora of different parts in factories worldwide. One Motoman solution for robotic part loading was developed because a customer needed glass lighting parts loaded onto racks. The customer wanted the Motoman part loading robot to achieve a 21 second cycle time, according to the Motoman website. The system had to be able to handle a variety of glass tubes, including batch processed runs with two different part lengths. The robotic part loader from Motoman was then expected to pick up 50 tubes at a time and load them into rack stations or onto conveyors, depending on the stage of production.

Of course, being one of the top robotics companies in the marketplace, Motoman was able to deliver a part loading robot system to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. The solution uses a Motoman UP series robot and Motoman controller, paired with a vacuum gripper and a three rack station to accommodate the parts that are being loaded. The system actually achieved a 14 second cycle time, which was 33 percent faster than the customer required. Overall the part loading robot system was Motoman was a flexible handling system that improved the customer’s productivity.

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