Maintaining a Reconditioned Robot 101

A reconditioned robot system will provide the same level of productivity at a fraction of the cost. As long as you do proper maintenance on the system, your robot will last for decades, paying for itself over and over again.

Maintaining a Reconditioned Robot 101


Reconditioned robots are one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve automation. A reconditioned robot system will work just as well as a new system, at only a fraction of the cost. At RobotWorx, all reconditioned robots come with the RobotWorx warranty, this peace of mind ensures that your investment will continue to pay for itself for years to come.

Just like new robots, it is important to undertake a regular maintenance schedule to ensure optimal performance, improve efficiency, and avoid premature deterioration.

What needs to be Regularly Maintained on a Robot?

Preventative Maintenance - Periodic Preventative Maintenance is required for all robots, which should be performed annually and is the key to extending the life of any robotic system. We recommend referencing your robot manual for maintenance guidelines (contact RobotWorx Service department for information on your specific system). Any abnormal noise or vibration, low oil in oil glass sights, oil seepage, grease seepage, non-uniform motion, play in any axis or robot accuracy are also signs of needed maintenance.

Axes and Motors - All of the axes and motors need to be checked regularly by technicians to ensure that the robot is operating at its full potential.

Grease Levels – Grease levels should be checked as deemed necessary to ensure that gears and other moving parts are lubricated. Lack of grease could cause the gears and other moving parts to prematurely fail.

End of Arm Tools - also known as EOAT is another part of the robotic system that needs to be regularly maintained. Periodic maintenance of the EOAT is recommended, based on the specific application. End of arm tooling devices vary by applications and are an essential component of a robot.

Material Handling Grippers - Material Handling Grippers need to be checked regularly for proper operation. Vacuum performance, mechanical pivots, and any sensors should be maintained in a similar schedule to the robot itself.

Welding Torches - Welding torches need to be cleaned and maintained daily. Tips, nozzles, and diffusers need upkeep and replacement based on many factors, such as heat input, and spatter. Normal wear of the tip is critical to keeping an accurate TCP at the weld, wandering wire stick out can be a problem if tips are allowed to wear extensively. Another factor in the accuracy of a welding unit is the torch neck itself, torch necks should be inspected periodically to ensure no damage has occurred, or at the first sight of off location welds.

Material Removal Tools - Spindles and other cutting tools need maintenance as well to maintain optimal material removal performance. Cutters need replacing on a regular basis to maintain the speed and quality of the cut. Inspection of the tool itself is required to ensure no damage has occurred to bearings, shafts, or cooling systems.

What does Robot Preventive Maintenance look like?

In order to maintain a healthy reconditioned robotic system, it is imperative that the items stated above are checked and maintained regularly. Robotic integrators can offer staff training that will enable them to maintain systems on-site. For lean operations that need to outsource their preventative maintenance, many integrators offer options to send technicians straight to the customer site, or to have the robot shipped to the integrator’s facility.

Services offered can vary by the integrator, at RobotWorx our technicians perform the following tasks to keep your robot running smoothly:

1. Perform a complete system backup

2. Pre-Grease Inspection of all axis and function

3. Perform any necessary troubleshooting and test the unit for any vibration, alarms, or failures. The report and findings are shared with the customer.

4. If additional issues are identified, a quote will be provided for customer approval. Additional agreed-upon repairs will then be performed at this time.

5. Replace grease and oil for all axis

6. Replace controller and robot batteries

7. Perform post-grease inspection of all axis

8. Document any vibration, alarms, or failures

9. Perform final testing on robot and controller

10. Complete customer care package

11. Customer buy-off documented

If a robot is maintained properly you will have a reliable system that is going to be there for years, performing the tasks that you deem necessary for successful productivity.


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