Major Manufacturing in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

A large amount of manufacturing companies in Elk Grove Village, Illinois have turned to automation. Industrial automation is able to accomplish a variety of applications successfully including dispensing, unloading, deburring, and packaging. Robotic automation has brought manufacturing companies increased product quality and money saved.

Major Manufacturing in Elk Grove Village, Illinois


Like other bedroom communities that evolved outside of Chicago, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, has become quite the haven to business and industry. The town of 33,000 gets its name from the herd of elk that reside in a preserve on the eastern side of Busse Woods in the Elk Grove Village area. The economy is diverse in Elk Grove Village. It is located adjacent to O’Hare Airport and boasts one of the largest industrial parks in the United States, along with a business park with over 3600 business in a 5.4 square mile area. The top employers in Elk Grove Village are from several different markets, including medical, technology, financial, government, industrial and education markets.

One company in the Elk Grove Village area is the LinPac Ropak packaging facility. This is a branch facility of a British-owned company that specializes in packaging for the retail, catering and food manufacturing and packaging industries. The company makes plastic cartons, trays, sealed bowls and bags for food packaging, along with other food storage products. Companies like Ropak can improve their business and production with the integration of robotic automation technology.

Robots can perform many tasks important for plastics manufacturing. Robot systems can dispense plastic into molds, as well as unloading it from molds and deburring any imperfections off of the sides of the molded products. They can also cut holes in the plastic parts if necessary. By using robotic automation to perform these tasks, manufacturers are getting a higher quality product with less chance of worker error during production. This improves the overall product and saves the company money on damaged products.

If companies in Elk Grove Village are considering automating their current manufacturing processes, they need to contact RobotWorx in Marion, Ohio. RobotWorx provides solutions from several different companies, including ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Universal Robots, and KUKA. Our staff will work hard to get you the perfect new or used robot system for your facility.

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