Manufacturing in Ohio – Not just about metal anymore

Akron, Ohio has turned to automation to help manufacture plastics. They are using the injection molding processes to help mold, load, and unload parts. Industrial robots can complete the job efficiently and with great quality.

Manufacturing in Ohio – Not just about metal anymore


Living in the middle of the Rust Belt many cause many people to think of Ohio as a large steel, iron and overall metal working state. However, it isn’t just about metal these days. Now, plastics and other polymers are making their way to the front of the line for manufacturing and robotic automation.

Manufacturing in Ohio dates back to the even before Ohio was a state. With the waterway access of the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Ohio River, Ohio manufacturing got its start early on. Steel, iron and coal were the original three items processed in Ohio’s manufacturing plants back then, but now, plastics and polymer manufacturing is popping up statewide, and those types of processes are easily automated with robots.

When plastics companies in Ohio use injection molding processes, they can use robots for the dispensing of the molten plastic into the mold, as well as using a robotic arm to tend the mold and load and unload parts. However, it isn’t just the material handling that is covered by robots. Industrial robots in the Ohio plastics manufacturing industry can also cut plastic pieces and shapes, remove rough edges from molded and cut pieces and apply paints or coatings to the work pieces.

From Akron Polymer products in Akron, Ohio to U.S. Plastic Corp in Lima, Ohio and even Transducers Direct, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio, plastics manufacturing can always benefit from robotic automation integration. By using robots for the processes listed above, manufacturers in Ohio can count on faster cycle times, more accurate applications and a higher rate of productivity.

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