Manufacturing in Tucson, Arizona

Companies such as Applied Industrial Technologies are benefiting from the integration of industrial robots. They are bringing incredible versatility; with a simple change of the end effector they can perform in a variety of applications.

Manufacturing in Tucson, Arizona


Tucson, Arizona is an area with a storied history. The town has exchanged hand so many times in the last 300 years that it has had five different flags flying over the region in the past – Spanish, Mexican, Confederate, American and the State of Arizona. The major employers in the area include several U.S. Department of Defense agencies, the retail industry, state agencies and educational agencies. However, despite the many other agencies and industries that employ the area of more than 900,000, there is still a strong manufacturing tradition in the area as well.

Applied Industrial Technologies, a company located in Tucson, AZ, makes a large range of products for an even larger range of industries. Applied Industrial Technologies makes adhesives and sealants, bearings, general industrial products, tools, hydraulics, linear motion products, motors, material handling technology, pneumatics, safety products and industrial chemicals. A company that makes this many different products can really benefit from an investment in robotic technology.

Robots can be beneficial in an industry like Applied Industrial Technologies where there are a lot of different products to be made. Robots have the versatility to perform several different applications with just the changing of an end effector. So, a robot that can cut can also drill. A robot that can weld can also perform material handling applications. This means that companies like Applied Industrial Technologies could use robots to make their production line leaner and faster, which cuts down on labor costs and production time.

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