Marine Equipment in Wellsburg, WV

Wellsburg, West Virginia is home to a company that produces marine equipment with the help of industrial robots. The molding and cutting of fiberglass materials can be performed with ease and precision by industrial robots. Robots also help to increase the safety of the work environment as they remove human workers from exposure to the harmful particles in the air.

Marine Equipment in Wellsburg, WV


While much of West Virginia is made up of mining operations, the northern region of the state does have a rich history in manufacturing as the southern part of the Rust Belt. In the last 50 years, the region has lost more than 50 percent of its manufacturing operations. Some areas in West Virginia were only left with 1/5 of their original manufacturing jobs. Towns like Wellsburg, WV, were left with only a few manufacturing options for those in that field.

One of the manufacturers still alive and well in Wellsburg, West Virginia, is Merco Marine, a company that specializes in the manufacturing, distribution and supplying of boat dock components and accessories. Like many other manufacturing companies that make marine products, Merco can improve their production line processes with the help of integrated robotic automation.

Part of the production of floating boat deck products is the molding and cutting of fiberglass materials. Robots can perform these processes with ease. Robots can tend fiberglass molding machines, loading and unloading products, as well as cutting different designs or patterns into the fiberglass work pieces. Robots also raise the safety level in a shop by keeping workers away from the fiberglass cutting process, which can release fiberglass particles into the air. These particles can be harmful to the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Robotic fiberglass cutting applications improve the overall productivity of the shop, which decrease downtime and save manufacturers time and money.

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