Meat Processing with Motoman Robotics

Nov 23, 2015

Motoman robotics offers a wide range of robots to their customers, including those in the meat processing plant. Motoman robots are food grade quality meaning they have a special coating and to help protect the food and the robot. Motoman robots can be used to clean a wide range of meats such as chicken, pork, and beef and cut them accurately and consistently, cutting down on the overall waste.


There are bil­lions of peo­ple on this plan­et, and they are eat­ing more than ever before. Because of that, food pro­cess­ing has to get faster and become more con­sis­tent, espe­cial­ly with fresh food like meat, so the food can be processed and frozen, canned, dried, etc. Motoman Robot­ics has many mate­r­i­al han­dling and cut­ting robots suit­able for use in the meat pro­cess­ing industry. 

Meat pro­cess­ing robots, like those avail­able through Motoman, have to be food grade. These robots have a spe­cial coat­ing and are cleaned with a spe­cial food-grade solu­tion to ensure that there is no con­t­a­m­i­na­tion dur­ing the meat pro­cess­ing oper­a­tion. Motoman meat pro­cess­ing robots can be used to clean meats like poul­try, get­ting them ready for the cut­ting process. They are also able to hold chick­ens, pork, and sides of beef, while oth­er robots in the work cell cut the car­cass­es into more usable pieces that will sell well in your local gro­cery store. 

With the price of meat going up and up, it is impor­tant for meat proces­sors to get every usable piece they can from the car­cass. That is why Motoman meat pro­cess­ing robots are so valu­able in this indus­try. Unlike human work­ers who may cut in the wrong place, or leave usable pieces of meat on the car­cass, robots are able to work with each piece of meat, ensur­ing that only the most unsa­vory bits are thrown in with the waste. Then, Motoman meat pro­cess­ing robot­ic sys­tems are able to pack­age the meat and send it off to be frozen, refrig­er­at­ed, or shipped. 

All in all, using Motoman robots for meat pro­cess­ing actu­al­ly saves com­pa­nies mon­ey, while pro­vid­ing the con­sumer with fresh, nice look­ing meats for consumption. 

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