Mobile and Flexible Machinery

The ability to manipulate your work space in the exact way the production environment needs is a very beneficial aspect of automating with flexible work cells. When your work cells are flexible, the mobile machinery can help the operator spend less time working with the machine and more time helping in other important areas.

Mobile and Flexible Machinery


Flexible work cells are critical for many applications. Incorporation of mobile machinery into the work cell is an investment that pays off for the manufacturer.

Machines such as presses, punching cells, lasers, and robotic press brakes are machines that are typically difficult to move. Once machinery is mobile, however, the operator can spend less time working with the machine. Higher productivity is achieved as the number of workers per machine decreases, and flexible work cells are then realized.

Cellular manufacturing also calls for mobilizing equipment. Smaller machines that are mobile can be grouped together into a cell. Employees can then work together on shearing, punching, graining, forming, setting hardware, and problem solving: essentially building the product.

AA Robotics was created to meet the increasing demands of the manufacturing industry. It specializes in the provision of robot-based flexible machines, especially those that can be easily modified to suit fast-changing products and short life span. Robots enable more flexibility and increased cost-effectiveness into manufacturing processes.

AA Robotics will provide robotic solutions for many mobile applications, such as picking and palletizing. It will provide system integration for Motoman Robotics.

RobotWorx can help you create and integrate the right workcell for your company. If you have a mobile workcell already, we can help incorporate the proper industrial robot to complete the tasks needed within the designated work area allowed. Contact us today online or at 877-762-6881 for more information.