Modular tracks keep the farm equipment rolling along

Modular tracks on industrial robot systems helps to improvement movement and minimize downtime. Farm vehicles are given better off-road capabilities and do not get stuck as easily.

Modular tracks keep the farm equipment rolling along


Farm equipment has been rolling on big rubber tires for years. However, a large round circle may not be the best way for those huge machines to get around. Instead, these tractors, combines, and other agricultural equipment may move more efficiently with modular tracks.

These modular tracks are a set of smaller wheels and gears that are similar to the tracks that U.S. military tanks. By installing these aftermarket modular tracks on agricultural vehicles, it improves their movement, and minimizes downtime. With these tracks, farm vehicles are given better off-road capabilities, and do not get stuck as easily.

According to an article from Thomasnet, the track modules are integrated into a vast range of equipment for farming, and several other industries. They provide traction in regular soil, as well as mud, ice and snow, despite temperatures. The modular track systems also provide stabilization on less than adequate terrain and steep slopes.

While modular tracks can improve mobility for vehicles, tracks also can move robots along a factory room floor. These tracks can either be fastened to a floor and integrated with an articulated floor-mounted robot, or they can be fastened to the ceiling and integrated with a gantry robot. These tracks can save space on the factory floor or move robots to different areas on the line to perform several different applications.

RobotWorx sells robots from Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA robotics, may not have mobile robots rolling around on modular tracks in the warehouse, but we do provide our customers with linear tracks mounted on the floor or the ceiling. These tracks can improve productivity for many robotic applications in several different industries.

Our staff will work with you to design and engineer your perfect track system for your facility. For more information about automating your applications with robotic tracks, contact RobotWorx today online or at 877-762-6881.