Motoman Robotics Coat Agricultural Trailers


Motoman coating robots are able to apply coating materials to work pieces in different ways, including gaseous coating, submersion coating, and powder coating. It was this last coating process that a French company, Remorques Rolland, needed for their agricultural dumpsters and trailers.

According to Motoman, the French company had an increase in demand for their products, and with this increased demand came an increase for higher quality dumpsters and trailers. The Remorques Rolland needed the robotics company to come up with a Motoman robotic coater that could apply powder coating and handle all possible work piece shapes and angles.

Motoman was able to deliver on that request. The company provided the French with five Motoman PX coating robots, which form the core of the Motoman robotic coating system. Since the work pieces could be as long as 9 meters, up to 3 meters high and as wide as 2.5 meters, according to Motoman, these Motoman robotic coaters had to have maximum flexibility so they could spray and coat every area of the work piece.

Four Motoman PX coating robots coat at two different levels, while the other robotic coater takes care of the underside of the work piece. They are equipped with two-stream powder guns with powder preparation. Parts are moved along on a chain conveyor to and from the Motoman robotic coaters.

This Motoman robotic coating system has been operating two shifts a day since its installation. Motoman states that the system is extremely flexible, fully automated and provides the company with high quality, no matter whether the piece being coated is big or small.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Motoman Robotics, has several Motoman coating robots available for customization and purchase. Our highly-qualified staff will work with you to design the perfect coating system for you, taking into account the materials being coated and the size of needed coating system, along with several other parameters.

For more information about automating your coating system with RobotWorx, contact us today online or at 740-251-4312.

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