Motoman welding robots in the woodworking industry

Wood working industries are realizing the benefits of automation outweigh the manual wood working industries. Motoman welding robots provides wood working industries superior quality welds while also enabling versatility for plate thicknesses and other product needs. The Motoman welder in the wood working industry is also flexible and ready to work with a variety of production needs.

Motoman welding robots in the woodworking industry


Several industries worldwide use Motoman welding robots in for different welding applications. One industry, the wood industry, has companies that have used Motoman welders for decades.

Scheppach, a German-based manufacturer of woodworking machines is one of those companies. They have employed robotic Motoman welders in their factory for over 20 years. Because of their long history and success with these Motoman welding robots, Scheppach decided to add additional welders to their production.

The company was looking for a Motoman welding robot that could offer the company superior-quality welds while also being versatile on the various plate thicknesses it could weld. The Motoman welder also had to be flexible so it could handle assembly and the final welds as well.

With all that in mind, the company ended up purchasing a Motoman welding system using a Motoman MA1900 robot suspended from a gantry system.

This Motoman welding robot not only sped up the productivity of the line, but it also improved the accuracy of the parts being welded. Another advantage was that the Motoman welding robot did not have to stop to take 15-minute breaks or half hour lunches. It runs without breaks on a two-shift operation.

The integration of this gantry Motoman welding robot to their production has overall saved them on production and labor costs, as well as improving the quality of their overall end product. The system met all of Scheppach’s needs and expectations – which has probably cemented them as a Motoman welding customer for decades to come.

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