New Motoman EG VRC 2018-SP2 Robot Software Updates For Simplified Programming

Motoman Robot Software MotoSim VRC 2018-SP2

The new and improved MotoSim EG VRC 2018-SP2 is here and it does not disappoint! The MotoSim EG (Motoman Simulation System with Enhanced Graphics) VRC is a highly accurate PC based software used to build simulations and conduct offline programming.

Accurate Simulation

The software makes it easier to visualize, test, and program robotic systems and work out any kinks that may have instead happened on the shop floor.

The Motosim EG VRC provides accurate 3D simulation of robot cells to help with collision detection and precise analysis and cycle time calculations. The robot controller displays the actual programming pendant interface making virtual programming steps identical to the real world. The recent software upgrade offers improved 3D graphics speeds and CADTree enhancements.

Easy Programming

There is an adjustable automatic robot path generation based on 3D CAD model information that provides motion type, velocity, number of positions generated, and work angle.  These program positions can be generated in just seconds by manipulating each robot axis with the dragging of a mouse.

TeachPoint Model allows models to be created from taught jobs and the model library allows subcategories to be created with model scripts. User settings can now be imported and exported, and scaling is auto-configured for HIDPI displays.

If needed, The Motosim EG VRC easily allows 3D PFD and AVI files to be created to view and share cell layouts. 3D CAD files can be directly imported into Motosim EG VRC and frequently used models can simply be dragged/dropped into a cell.

Reduced downtime

An offline cell design helps to reduce robot installation time, downtime, expenses, and fixturing errors. It accurately measures distances, creates permanent measurement lines, and necessary comments and markups.

Being able to program offline helps to reduce programming time and increase the overall uptime on the production line. It also provides the ability to program new parts before production begins, increase efficiency by modifying any current robot programs, and to simplify programming with a detailed plot providing the robot’s trajectory.

Versatile Software

This comprehensive software supports multi-robot and multi-controller simulation and is customizable for applications including arc and spot welding, cutting, handling, painting, and sealing.

There are also new robot models added, improvements to the robot range limit safety fence setting, and new controller versions added for NX100, DX200, YRC1000, and YRC1000 micro.

Contact RobotWorx

If you are interested in the upgraded MotoSim EG VRC 2018-SP2 software contact RobotWorx experts at 740-251-4312 or online. RobotWorx representatives can answer all the questions you may have about the benefits to a Motosim EG VRC 2018-SP2 software upgrade.

Suggested hardware to use with the software:

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