New Robots – Busting Out of Factories

Industrial robots have been helping to improve welding, material handling, and material removal for over 40 years. New robotic systems of the future may also be able to work as bartenders, fry cooks, and perhaps even waitresses. No matter what your job, you can be sure that robots can get the job done.

New Robots – Busting Out of Factories


For more than 40 years, when someone thought of a robot, they either thought of something on a science fiction movie, or they thought of the robot arms that have been working in factories. These industrial robots have spent decades welding, handling material and removing material, but now new robots are coming onto the scene. While new robotic systems do derive their technology from those factory cousins, they are not being made for factory settings.

One of the biggest trends for new robots are service robots. These robots are being programmed to perform jobs in the service industry. Think about it – the kiosk at the movies, the self-checkout at the grocery store, etc. – these are some of the ways robotic systems are entering the service industry. However, new robots are even more involved. These new robotic systems are working as bartenders, fry cooks, and even waitresses in some areas. This means that customer service will be more accurate than ever, which helps companies and keeps customers happy.

Another new trend for robots is in health and wellness. Robots are helping the disabled and senior citizens in their homes, and robots can be found in hospitals as well. A new robot can alert the proper authorities if their owner has fallen at home or is in trouble. Some robots are even moving into the operating room in hospitals to assist or perform surgeries. This is not surprising because new robots have “hands” that do not shake like a human’s may, and, as mentioned above, they are incredibly accurate, which cuts down on possible errors.

Of course, all of these new robots got their technology from industrial robots. Many of the new robots are single or dual-armed, just like those in the industrial market, and they utilize vision and touch sensors like factory robots as well. While this can benefit the service and health industries, industrial robots are able to use these technologies to boost the productivity for companies, which saves them time and money, and also turns out a quality product.

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