ONU provides Robotic Technology Center with help of Ohio Robot Company

The center for robotic technology on the ONU campus have used several KUKA KR3 robots. KUKA robotics provided the KR3s for the student and it has been amazing hands-on opportunity for the students. Robotic technology is quickly taking over production lines and so it is important that schools help prepare students.

ONU provides Robotic Technology Center with help of Ohio Robot Company


Ohio Northern University, one of the premiere private universities in the state of Ohio, now offers a top of the line robotics technology program through their partnership with KUKA Robotics, located in Toledo, Ohio.

The ONU Robotic Center of Excellence, the center for robotic technology on the campus, has seven KUKA KR3 robots that were provided to the university by KUKA Robotics Corporation. While based in Ohio, the parent company for KUKA is based in Augsburg, Germany.

Five of the KR-3 robots interface with PLCs and CNC machines at the center to simulate a manufacturing environment that performs loading, unloading, and part transfer applications. The other two KR3’s are used for robotic competitions that the school engages in throughout the year.

Robotic programs, like those provided at ONU, are an important step toward producing qualified job candidates for the future of manufacturing technology. While robotics and engineering programs have been around for years, these new robot programs give students hands on experience that they need to be qualified for employment after graduation.

Students who graduate from the ONU robotics technology program go on to become robotics and application engineers, CAD programmers and production supervisors in several major manufacturing companies in the United States. Students who become professionals in the technology field have the opportunity for excellent starting salaries that begin at around $50,000 a year.

Some graduates of robotics programs like the one at ONU go on to work at robotics integration companies like RobotWorx in Marion, Ohio.

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