Packaging with the Motoman MPP3S

The Motoman MPP3S robot offers a great solution for those looking to improve their packaging process. The MPP3S robot can increase the speeds and quality of your work for all your packaging needs. This short, three-armed delta-style robot can accomplish up to 150 cycles per minute and has been used in the food and beverage markets.

Packaging with the Motoman MPP3S


Packaging is one of the most common applications that uses industrial robots in the world today. Robots like the Motoman MPP3S are used to package goods in a high-speed manner, which ensures that they are moving out to the consumer as quickly as possible without a lot of wait time. The Motoman MPP-3S is perfect for fast packaging – that’s exactly why it was designed.

According to an article from, the MPP3S is a short, three-armed delta-style robot that has the ability to operate at a very high speed, up to 150 cycles per minute. It is commonly used in the food industry because it comes standard with the anti-corrosive paint and food grade lubricant that is necessary for a robot to operate anywhere in the food or beverage markets.

The speed that can be found in MPP 3S is important for manufacturers, because it means that their food and beverage items do not have to wait long to be packaged, which helps to prevent spoilage. This means that the fresher food is transported to the company’s consumers, instead of becoming stale in a warehouse or on the line, which saves manufacturers money through decreasing production time and decreasing waste.

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