Packing Dairy Cases with Stainless Steel Robots


KUKA Robotics installed the first stainless steel robot in North America. They placed a KUKA KR 15 SL stainless steel robot into Dean Foods’ dairy product manufacturing facility. The KR 15 SL is used for the dairy case packing process.

Because food manufacturing requires strict sterility standards, stainless steel is the ideal material to meet these requirements. Dean Foods wished to increase their case packing production, and with the implementation of the KR 15 SL, the wash down requirements were able to free four employees. The robot does not require a protective suit, so it can be cleaned daily by using various acids and alkalis without damaging the surface.

The KR 15 SL is a six-axis articulated robot with a high IP rating.  It has a reach of 1500 millimeters, and its wrist has a load-bearing capacity of 15 kilograms. The stainless steel exterior makes it suitable for all applications requiring hygiene, sterility, and absence of particles.

The KUKA stainless steel robots open up a new range of potential applications in the food and beverage industry. The ease with which the robots can use their grippers to pick up meat, cheese, and other food items of variable shapes and orientations allows endless possibilities of where the robots can be used.

Stainless steel robots are great for sterile environments. If you would like to learn more about obtaining and integrating a stainless steel robot, contact us today online or at 740-251-4312.

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