Picking the right robot picking software

Industrial picking robots have terrific software packages available to assist the robot in the task of perfecting the pick and place application. The pick and place software will help to increase speeds and production quality and is available from most of the major manufacturers.

Picking the right robot picking software


Robots have an advantage over humans when it comes to repeatedly picking something up and placing it somewhere else. Robots can work tirelessly without suffering from a sore back, unlike their human counterparts. Picking robot software was developed to assist the robot in the task of performing repetitive motions accurately and quickly.

Fanuc’s PickPro is picking offline simulation software. PickPro, new 3D software, allows users to develop their own work cells from scratch by using the New Workcell Wizard. This saves the user time that can be consumed when developing a workcell.

ABB designed PickMaster software for this explicit purpose. PickMaster is a PC-based software that uses graphical interfaces. The impressive applications allow up to eight robots to work as a group along conveyor belts with minimal risks. The software is comprised of a powerful vision identification system, as well as a tracking process and inspection tools. Specifically, PickMaster 3 has a notable track record for the past six years with picking robots. It has an integrated vision system, yet is not limited to its own system; it can communicate with any external sensor as well.

Universal Robotics developed Spatial Vision Robotics Software to focus on sensing, control, and intelligence during the picking process. The software is compatible with any robot and with a wide variety of different types of sensors. There are three resolutions: standard, enhanced, and premium, so the user can tailor the type of resolution to the work he needs to accomplish. After the cameras and sensors are calibrated, Spatial Vision Robotics software transfers 3D input to the robot. It obtains a 3D view of the boxes to be picked, detects the parts, selects the parts to be moved, and monitors the robot motion as it places the part.

Coordinating with this software is Universal Robotics’ cutting-edge application Random Bin Picking. It was developed because typical vision approaches cannot detect different parts in a random pile, or how to pick them up. This application allows the robot to automatically move randomly placed parts, and is not deterred by how deep the stack might be, or how the parts are packed (loose or tight, on the floor or in a box, etc).

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