Precision Coating with ABB Robots

If you are looking for an increased precision on your coating production line look no further than ABB robots. ABB robots are able to consistently spray coatings ensuring an even coat and also a lifetime of durability. ABB coating robots can also bring great speeds and reduced wastes to the production line.

Precision Coating with ABB Robots


Coating is a very important part of almost any production process that deals with metal. Coating robots, like those available from ABB Robotics, are able to spray coatings all over metal work pieces to ensure that those pieces will not rust or be altered by any other outside contaminates during the life of the product. ABB coating robotic systems have two attributes that any good coating robot needs to have – precision and speed.

ABB coating robots are some of the fastest robots on the market today. When you invest in a robotic coating system from ABB, you are getting a system that can coat parts several times faster than any manual application system. A robotic coater from ABB is also more accurate. These robots are able to apply coatings evenly and consistently along a work piece in a way that is a higher quality and still pleasing to the eye as well.

Coating robotic systems from ABB also have the added bonus of not using as much material during the coating process. This means that manufacturers are able to save time during the process and money on materials. Another advantage is the improved health of workers. Manual coating can be hazardous to human workers because of the fumes given off by some of the coating materials. Robots do not have to deal with the same hazards. They are able to work day in and day out without needing breaks, days off or sick time, which improves the uptime for the production line.

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