Production Lines Improve with Robot Integration

If a manufacturer is looking to improve their production line, robotic integration is the way of the future. Industrial robots completely change the manufacturing line and exponentially improve the speed and accuracy. Before deciding on a specific robot, it is important to consider the layout of your production line including the necessary mounting, necessary space and reach, and specific EOAT that would benefit your line.

Production Lines Improve with Robot Integration


Robotic integration has been one of the biggest steps in moving manufacturing forward over the last four decades. These robots have completely changed the way that manufacturers plan their production lines, and they have improved the speed and accuracy during manufacturing exponentially.

If you are thinking about integrating a robot into your facility, there are several different things to consider. First, you need to look at the amount of space you have in your factory. Where will the robot be mounted? How much reach will it have? This is important when planning for the robot’s integration into the workspace. There may be beams, worker walkways or other machines that could be in the way of a robot’s motion during integration. This kind of detail can be worked out during virtual simulation, which is a practice that robotics integrators use to plan out the robot system prior to building.

Another thing to consider is what the robot will do, and how it will do it. Human hands are not like robot end effectors, and sometimes that means that production has to be re-imagined and translated to fit the robot’s movements and needs. This could mean that production lines have to be flipped to allow for proper integration and to cater to the robot’s abilities. If you do not consider the best way for the production to fit the robot, you may end up with sluggish production, which is not coherent with the advantages of boosted speed and accuracy that a robot is capable of bringing to the line.

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