Productivity Boosts in Metal and Machining Industries with Universal Robots

​Universal Robots offer three automated solutions, the UR3, UR5, and the UR10 to enhance your metal and machining industries. Any of these three robot arms from Universal will enhance your productivity and reduce the overall time to market, saving your company time and money. Furthermore, the robot arms by Universal robots are incredible accurate, fast, offer a quick payback, increased safety, and very easy deployment.

Productivity Boosts in Metal and Machining Industries with Universal Robots

Metal and machining automation with Universal Robots

Universal Robots has a uniquely versatile collaborative series of robots to offer to the metal and machining industries. These robots, the UR3, UR5, and UR10 are exceptional; they can truly allow companies to be one step ahead of competitors. Using a robot in the collaborative series from Universal Robots will boost your productivity while reducing time to market.

Universal Robot Collaborative arms improve the quantity and quality of your output; they make it possible for subtractive manufacturers to adjust the production line despite differing processes, materials, and specialized products. They also bring incredible accuracy (up to 0.1mm), fast adaption, easy deployment, quick payback, and increased safety. These collaborative arms from Universal Robots can help reduce the risk of employee injury by taking over the repetitive, back breaking tasks and the work that is in close proximity to dangerous machinery.

The benefits just keep coming! Antoher huge advantage of Universal Robots is their flexibility and versatility. They can be deployed across the production line as needed, and can adapt to the specific needs of your applications. Any inexperienced worker can learn, program, and install these robots incredibly fast, sometimes in just a few hours.

All of these benefits were seen with a North American based company, Stantræk. This company needed to grow without hiring more people in their production process; they were up against very strong competition from Eastern European countries with very low wage requirements. So, Stantræk invested in two UR5 robots that quickly boosted the bottom line; in just 5 years, their revenue almost doubled, from $4M to $7M. There have been zero complaints from the employees as they realize that the robots play a key role in the revenue generation and have brought the company back to life. Innovative employees have even found ways to easily program them in ways that are more beneficial for the production line; they simply grab the robot arm and show it the desired motion, thus producing a result that processes items four times faster than previously done.

For more information on Universal Robots and to figure out how you can integrate them into your business, contact RobotWox representatives online or at 740-251-4312. Our experts take pride in customer service and spend time figuring out the best solution for your production line.

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