Removing material with Motoman robots

Motoman robots have perfected their material removal process and are a great addition to your manufacturing process. Motoman material robots can handle a wide variety of material removal applications such as cutting holes or etching part identification numbers in an incredibly fast time.

Removing material with Motoman robots


One of Motoman’s material removal robotic systems had to deal with rectangular tubing for heavy equipment. A steel tube manufacturer needed to speed up their manufacturing process to keep up with the high demand for their tubing.

There were several hurdles that the Motoman material removal robots had to jump before they could be used in the system. These Motoman material removers had to have the versatility to handle various material removal applications like cutting holes and etching part identification numbers. The robots also had to be able to achieve 75-109 second cycle times, depend on tubing model and size.

The solution for this company used two Motoman cutting material removal robots, along with two material handling robots that could handle loading the tubing after the material was removed. These Motoman material removal robotic systems were able to increase productivity by eight times, even with the additional cutting and part identification operations. The process, which used to take 15-16 minutes per tube, now takes 17-18 minutes for a bundle of eight tubes.

While this application, once performed by human workers, has increased in speed with the use of Motoman material removal robots, it has also increased in accuracy, with etching consistency at its peak performance, contributing to an overall better quality end product.

RobotWorx has several Motoman material removal robotic systems in stock that are available for purchase and customization. Our Motoman material removers have the same versatility as those listed above, and are able to do several material removal tasks, which cuts down not just on labor costs, but also equipment costs for the manufacturer.

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