Repairing your ABB robots

ABB provides amazing customer service to help care for the needs of their customers and the robotic systems. ABB customer service responds quickly to the needs and does all that is necessary to maximie customers' productivity.

Repairing your ABB robots


ABB provides service teams that are on-call every hour of every day to ensure their customers have the service and care they need. ABB prides themselves on their fast response to emergencies. ABB service teams are able to help regardless of the type, model, or age of the robot.

ABB Robotics Customer Service is shifting to remote services in order to maximize their customers’ productivity. Remote service ensures extremely fast, professional, and predictive service, instead of relying on the typical “break and fix” service.

ABB offers services to identify failures at an early stage, which helps prevent an emergency situation later. They strive to shorten the time to repair and reduce unplanned stoppages.

ABB also understands that component repair is a way to meet the need for manufacturing equipment to run more cost efficiently with an extended life cycle. ABB component repair service can be purchased as part of a comprehensive approach to asset repair service or separately. This service offers a lower cost alternative to new or exchanged parts.

RobotWorx buys and sells new and used ABB robots. Every used robot is ran through a comprehensive reconditioning and inspection process, cleaned and updated to run as good as new. If you are interested in buying an ABB robot for a reduced price, contact us at 877-762-6881.