Robot Growth on the Rise in Coming Years

Industrial robots are becoming the tool of choice on the production line as they are bringing a variety of benefits to production lines across the globe, such as increased speeds, product quality, and better cycle times. They offer a wide range of reaches, repeat-abilities, and payloads.

Robot Growth on the Rise in Coming Years


Robots are becoming increasingly popular throughout the manufacturing world. This wave of growth doesn’t seem to be cresting anytime soon, according to statistics.

A leading international business research firm, the Freedonia Group, has forecasted a global increase for robots of nearly 11 percent per year for the next three years, with the United States robot growth at 15 percent per year – just two percent behind China’s predicted robotic growth.

Since the robotic market is not a mature one, experts agree that this period of growth for robots does not mimic those of decades past. It has the ability to stay around for a while.

The substantial advancements in technology have spurred on this period of robotic growth. With robotics companies constantly innovating – introducing new software and features for robots – along with making robots with increased payload capacities and improved reach, who knows how far into the next decade this growth period could extend?

While service robots do make up part of this growth industry, it is industrial robots that make up the majority of the robot growth in predictions. The majority of robots are used for welding, assembly and material handling applications.

As companies learn to master new robotic applications and create more intelligent robots, robots will only further expand in the global market. This industrial robot growth may penetrate so far into the manufacturing industry that they may cause a tipping point all on their own.

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