Robot Tooling - Giving Applications a "Hand"

Robotic tooling is a specific end of arm attachment that is connected at the wrist of the robot. This tooling helps the robot to perform very specific tasks and applications. The robotic tooling can be used for a wide range of things such as welding, material removal, or material handling.

Robot Tooling - Giving Applications a "Hand"


When you talk about robot tooling, you are literally talking about the hands of the robot. Robotic tooling is usually attached at the wrist of the robot, and it is used to perform the robot’s programmed tasks. These tools can be used for welding, material removal, or material handling, depending on the application that is being performed.

Robotic tooling for welding comes in the form of a welding gun that is attached with a dress package to the robot. This type of robot tooling is usually used exclusively for either arc welding or spot welding. While they are not interchangeable, a welding gun can be changed out with other tooling to use the robot for another process.

When dealing with the robot tooling that is necessary for material handling and material removal, manufacturers can use a tool changer to get more out of their robotic system. A tool changer can switch from one tool to another at the same work station, increasing the productivity of the robot. For example, a robot can drill holes in a work piece with one tool, change the tool, and then grind or mill the same piece. This increases the versatility of the robot, as well as saving the manufacturer money by allowing them to purchase one robot, instead of several different machines.

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