Robotic Development

Researchers across the globe are developing robots to help perform new tasks for a variety of environments such as ocean and space exploration. This is a difficult task as robots for space must be developed to withstand extremely hot and cold environments whereas ocean robots must withstand salt, corrosion, and extreme pressures.

Robotic Development


Laboratories all over the world are constantly pushing the envelope to develop new robots and applications for robots. Many of these labs are found in universities, where scientists and students work together to innovate in the field of robotics.

Researchers worldwide are developing robots to perform new tasks for a variety of environments, like the ocean and space. Development of robots that can work in space and in the ocean can be difficult because of all of the problems these environments can cause. Robots for space must be developed to withstand extreme heat or cold, while robotic systems for underwater studies need to be able to withstand the salt and corrosion that comes from ocean water.

However, researchers are not just developing robots to research dangerous environments – they are also developing robots that can help people. Whether it is a defense robot that is helping remove roadside bombs and mines that may harm troops, a robot that is able to search for survivors after a catastrophe, or a robot that is performing emergency surgery in a hospital operating room, several robots have been developed and are currently in development that will help people every day.

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