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Jan 6, 2016 takes pride in their reconditioning process, they put all of the robots through a lot of testing to ensure they are up and running to industry standards. The robot repeatability testing is one of the many critical components that runs its robots through. There is a Repeatability Cart that can accurately test each refurbished robot and then compile the data to ensure it is functioning as if new.

Robot Repeatability Testing

Robot repeata­bil­i­ty test­ing is a crit­i­cal com­po­nent of Robots​.com’ recon­di­tion­ing process. Our Repeata­bil­i­ty Cart accu­rate­ly tests each refur­bished robot and com­piles the data to make sure the robot is func­tion­ing like new.

What is Repeatability:

Repeata­bil­i­ty is the abil­i­ty of a robot to return to the same spot with only the slight­est vari­a­tion. Robot­ic repeata­bil­i­ty varies by robot, but gen­er­al­ly ranges between +/-0.02mm to +/-0.4mm and is very impor­tant to robot per­for­mance. It is achieved when mul­ti­ple robot com­po­nents — con­trols, motors, gears, axes — work togeth­er. When robot repeata­bil­i­ty num­bers are not with­in the cor­rect range, each axis is test­ed so the prob­lem can be pin­point­ed and corrected.

How Does the Repeata­bil­i­ty Cart Work?

Robots​.com tests each refur­bished robot for a min­i­mum of eight hours. The robot is pro­grammed to run cycli­cal­ly — stop­ping at the same spot for the cart’s pneu­mat­ic sen­sor to mea­sure its position.

New Sen­sor Style:

Robots​.com uses a pneu­mat­i­cal­ly pow­ered Gen­er­al Pur­pose Dig­i­tal Con­tact Sen­sor from Keyence. Pre­vi­ous­ly, Robots​.com’ sen­sor required the robot to press it at the end of each cycle. Now the 32mm high-tech sen­sor moves on its own to test the posi­tion of the robot. This leads to less wear and tear on the sen­sor. This sen­sor is also eas­i­er to install and water-resis­tant (IP67 rating).

Stur­dier Cart:

The Robots​.com cart also has lev­el­ing pads. This increas­es the reli­a­bil­i­ty of the data collected.

Faster Pro­cess­ing:

The robot repeata­bil­i­ty cart fea­tures a new com­put­er for stor­ing the repeata­bil­i­ty data. Faster pro­cess­ing speed allows for a faster assessment.

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