RoboTrim: Routing Robot Technology

Technology continues to increase and improve the production process for those manufacturing lines run by automation. Robotic Production Technology, RPT, offers a router trimming solutions for thermoformers, injection molders, blow molders, and rotational molders. RPT offers users improved flexibilty, uptime, and safety.

RoboTrim: Routing Robot Technology


Robotic Production Technology offers the RPT RoboTrim router trimming solution. It is designed for thermoformers, injection molders, blow molders, and rotational molders. RPT has an exclusive partner in Fanuc for routing and waterjet cutting automation for non-metallic materials in the Americas. The companies collaborate to develop and improve solutions for router trimming robotic applications.

Since 2004, RPT has delivered more than 15 of these RoboTrim systems.

The RPT RoboTrim RT-1000 is the latest system, and its key benefits are increased throughput, high reliability leading to more uptime, improved flexibility, and enhanced safety. Traditional 5-axis CNC trimming machines provide 50% less throughput than the RoboTrim RT-1000. Quick changeovers between parts also enable more runtime.

The RT-1000 uses a Fanuc M-16iB robot and a rotating table along with RPT RouterWare for simplicity. Fanuc Robotics iPendant is used in the system. The customer has the option of adding a second robot, increased part height, and automatic tool change. Deflashing is also a possibility if the user adds RPT Compliant Knife.

The RoboTrim RT-400 is a portable, pre-engineered router trimming and knife deflashing system ideal for the plastics industry. The RT-400 features a servo-controlled table that can rotate the part as the robot trims, allowing each side of the part to be trimmed in even a compact work cell. The key benefits of the RT-400 are portability and height capability of 36”. It addresses the needs of manufacturers with small parts or portable needs. A Fanuc R-44A 6-axis robot is used in this system with a servo-controlled rotating table.

The RoboTrim RT-500 is also used for router trimming and knife deflashing, and its increased part height capability allows customers to process a variety of part shapes and sizes. It removes the operator from the trimming area, promoting a safe working environment. It is mounted on a single base plate, designed for quick installation and start-up.

After the manufacturer determines his routing needs, any of the RoboTrim systems will increase throughput and allow the manufacturer the options to best benefit his needs. RobotWorx can help integrate the right routing robot and technology into your workspace. Contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.