Robots and Children

The more children learn and understand robots the better they will fare in the future. The world is quickly realizing the benefits of industrial robots and has been integrating them for a wide range of applications. Teaching and exposing your children to robots from a young age will help prepare them for the real, robotic world and give them better job opportunities.

Robots and Children


Adults have been at the forefront of robotic innovation for many years, but it may be time for the adults to step aside a bit. Children are starting in robotics earlier and earlier, which is giving them skills that no one in the current generation was lucky enough to have at such a young age. These future robot technicians, scientists and engineers are interacting the robotic world around them every day.

There are several robotic children’s toys on the market right now. There are robotic dinosaurs and dogs, there are dolls that walk and talk, and even books that read to you. Books like LeapPad introduce children to the world of computers and robotics at a very early age, as do the robotic pets like Happy Plush pets, which look like stuffed animals, but are robotic at the core.

It is not a wonder that a child could get interested in robotics at an early age because of this kind of exposure. There are middle school and high school aged children that compete every year in robotic competitions worldwide, building their own robots and programming them to perform a variety of applications. These competitions, as well as the middle and high school robotics clubs and curriculum are used to build interest and hopefully move some children towards a career in robotics in their future.

All in all, it is a child’s world today when it comes to robots. They understand a lot of the electronic devices and robotics better than any current adult can, and many of them will go on to research and make major robotic discoveries for industrial and other robot technologies in the future.

While RobotWorx does not make robots for children, we do make plenty of robots that can work in their parents’ factories. RobotWorx provides solutions from several different robotics companies, like Fanuc, ABB, Motoman, Universal Robots, and KUKA. Our staff is dedicated to making sure that you are able to find the right customized robotic system for your facility, and that you are 100 percent happy with your purchase.

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