Robots are Speeding Up the Packing Process

Industrial robots can increase the speeds of your packing process while also maintaining consistency. Integrating an automated system onto your production line means that they can work 24/7 and provide incredibly accurate results. Furthermore, packing robots help to take over the straining and backbreaking jobs that can injure human workers.

Robots are Speeding Up the Packing Process


For more than 40 years, industrial robots have been performing applications in factories worldwide. Over the years, these applications have continued to improve and evolve. One of the applications, robotic packing, gives robotic systems the ability to pack products into cases for shipment. By using packing robots for these applications, items are packed more accurately and with a greater speed than ever before.

Filling boxes for shipment is one of the many jobs that was tedious and dull for workers, as well as a task that exposed them to the possibility of arm, neck and back injuries due to repetitive movements. When robots took over the packing game, human workers got to move behind the robots, giving up these possible strains and injuries to learn the skills of operating a robotic system, which is more marketable today. The switch also improved the productivity by warding off production slowdowns due to low worker numbers.

When manufacturers utilize packing robots that are equipped with vision, or if they pair the robots with a vision system on the production line, they are improving their packing application even more. The vision system can ensure that the robot is packing the right product into the right box, which means that customers will not get the wrong products, and the integrity of the company’s products will remain unscathed. These cameras cut down on the possibility for worker error, and they can also keep better track of packages than human workers, which is important if a product is recalled.

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