Robots Can Improve Your Health

Industrial robots are able to improve workers safety and health. They can eliminate the risk of workers being exposed to harsh environments and also reduce the risk of injuries.

Robots Can Improve Your Health


When most people think about robots they envision robots from the movies or assembling cars, not many consider those involved with our lives. Robotics have helped advance technology in industrial fields since they were invented, but they are now taking on new fields including health care. That is right, not only can they improve manufacturing, robots improve life. Whether you realize it or not there are robots in our lives every day.

You may be wondering how can robots improve our lives, besides making it easier to contact someone via email or get us from one place to another. Well, life is improved by robots starting with their involvement in lab research, medication, surgeries, and medical equipment.

Robots in Lab Research

The use of robotics has become increasingly popular because they are so precise and timely, two key features when working in a lab. Medical lab research depends on results with high accuracy and repeatability along with a clean environment. Robots help bring these features as they eliminate the risk of human error through contamination and dropped samples.

Many robots including those manufactured by Motoman are used for material handling applications in labs such as manipulating, storing, and retrieving micro titer plates.

Robots are also used in diagnostic specimen processing to sort, cap test tubes, and handle liquids since there is less risk of interference than with humans.

Robots also play a major in the management of research data. They are capable of keeping track of thousands of compounds along with the patient information associated with those compounds. This is particularly important for labs running tests for specific patients.


Another important aspect of robots improving life pertains to pharmacies. The new trend among pharmacies is to use robots, such as those from the Fanuc Spider Series carried by RobotWorx, for automated pill dispensing. This is becoming popular due to the shortage of pharmacists and because it improves prescription security while decreasing human errors such as miscalculations. Errors with prescriptions could even be deadly, but with the high accuracy of robotics these risks are eliminated further showing how robots improve life.

Surgeries and Medical Devices

Robots improving life also pertains to surgeries such as heart, prostate, and gall bladder. Robots offer steadiness with high accuracy along with a greater reach and range of motion than humans. These qualities make them the perfect candidates for intricate operations. Robots are also being used in hip and knee replacement surgeries as well as assembling medical equipment such as pacemakers. RobotWorx also carries robots used in the manufacture of medical devices.

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