Robots fix beam deformation


A structural element that has a length longer than width and thickness is deemed a beam.  A slender element such as a beam can experience bending and deformation when it is subjected to an external load applied perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis. For example, a beam like a closet rod that sags under the weight of clothes is experiencing bending and deformation.

Kawasaki Steel Corp developed a multi-axis robot to correct deformations of a wide-flange beam coming off the production line. This robot has a contact sensor, gas burner, and automatic igniter useful for correcting beam deformations. In this case, the deformation was caused by welding and needs to be corrected by heating.

Heat correction was previously done manually, but the Kawasaki robot has changed the game. The robot’s contact sensor confirms the position of the object while measuring its deformations. If there is a need for correction, the gas burner is ignited to heat the deformed part. The final automatic correction is made with high precision, one of the main benefits of using a robot.

The robot can correct a wide-flange beam 500mm by 200mm by 10 mm by 16 mm with an accuracy of 0.5 mm.

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