Robots Lead the Way in the Mass Personalization of Consumer Goods

Robotic automation has helped companies to easily change materials with minimal downtime. ​Robots are flexible enough to work with a variety of materials and applications. They can also be outfitted with vision systems that help to adjust to different colors or size of products while maintaining the same accuracy.

Robots Lead the Way in the Mass Personalization of Consumer Goods


There used to be a time when everything in a certain line of consumer goods was exactly the same. Products had no variety available within their line. That is because it cost lots of money to shut down lines, change materials, and start manufacturing again with a different color or size of product. When robots stepped into the industrial game, consumer goods began to get a little more flair, and the era of mass personalization kicked off.

Today, you can go to a store and find hundreds of different colors and styles of products made by the same company. For example, when you want to buy a cellphone case, are you limited to just one style per brand? Of course not…there are several! The same can be said for many consumer goods, like notebooks, clothing, electronics, and even automobiles. Without robotic automation, there would be nowhere near as many different styles, shapes, colors, and models available on the market today.

Robotic automation allows for companies to easily change materials without having much downtime. Robots can be outfitted with vision systems that can easily adjust to different colors or sizes of products, and interact with them accordingly. These vision systems can also help to sort items that are batch made in several colors or shapes and get them to their right containers or areas of the shop.

Some companies offer more complex personalization, like allowing customers to design shoes online or personalizing their computer or tablet with their name or a special phrase. Cellphone cases can have personal pictures or special designs on them. Everywhere you look, personalization is getting more and more complex, and robots are there to keep things moving down the line, fast and accurately, while providing manufacturers savings that they can pass on to their customers.

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