Robots Producing Their Own Controllers

Jun 18, 2013

Fanuc robots is a leader manufacturer of robot controllers, making a wide range of options that are available for all applications. Fanuc controllers are truly top of the line products as Fanuc continues to innovate robot products all the time.


Fanuc Robot­ics, a lead­ing man­u­fac­tur­er of robots and robot con­trollers in the indus­try, is putting its mon­ey where its mouth is by using a ful­ly auto­mat­ed sys­tem to build its own products.

Fanuc makes sev­er­al con­trollers for its vast line of indus­tri­al robot mod­els. These units are pro­duced com­plete­ly by auto­mat­ed robot­ics sys­tems. Every step from prod­uct test­ing to qual­i­ty con­trol is per­formed by Fanuc indus­tri­al robots.

These Fanuc robots pro­duce the RJ2, RJ3, RJ3iB, RJ3iC, R30iA and the R30iB con­troller parts. These Fanuc con­trollers are the nerve cen­ters that con­trol indus­tri­al robots as they weld, assem­ble, pack­age and cut, along with all the oth­er appli­ca­tions that they can per­form. The con­trollers can con­trol dif­fer­ing amounts of robots and motions, depend­ing on the model.

The R30iB is the newest Fanuc con­troller mod­el. There are sev­er­al soft­ware options for this con­troller, includ­ing Arc­Tool, Dis­pense­Tool, Han­dling­Tool and Removal­Tool, just to name a few. These indus­tri­al robot-built con­trollers are the brains behind the brawn.

It’s kind of a cir­cle, real­ly – robots run by con­trollers that are mak­ing robot parts for con­trollers that will run oth­er robots that might make con­troller parts that will run oth­er robots…and so on, and so forth.

These Fanuc con­trollers have numer­ous advan­tages and dif­fer­ences.

Our engi­neers and design­ers will work with you to build your Fanuc robot or sys­tem, along with pick­ing the right Fanuc robot-built con­troller. For more infor­ma­tion, con­tact Robots​.com today online or at 8777626881.

And don’t wor­ry, just because these robots are build­ing their own con­trollers doesn’t mean that they will start repli­cat­ing themselves…or does it?

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