SCARA Robots in the Electronics Industry

SCARA robots are the perfect solution for the electronics industries. They offer incredible precision that is necessary for the tiny parts while also increasing production speeds. Furthermore, there are cleanroom SCARA robots available that enable access to automation for all jobs requiring strict sanitation!

SCARA Robots in the Electronics Industry

Industrial SCARA Robot by ABB

As electronic devices are increasing in complexity they are requiring an increased level of sophistication during assembly that can be easily tackled by SCARA robots. These robots are the perfect solution for electronics manufacturers large and small who are quickly realizing that automation is the key for staying competitive on a global scale.

SCARA robots are chosen to conquer these electronic tasks for a variety of reasons:

1. SCARA robots bring exceptional repeatability and accuracy to the job. It is imperative for the electronics industry to have a robot that offers a gentle and precise arm to handle their tiny and fragile parts. The SCARA robots can bring this low inertia and high precision at fast production rates.

2. These robots offer great flexibility and range of motion. SCARA robots bring rigidity in the vertical direction and flexibility in the horizontal plane. The integration of vision and force control technologies help enable robots to be able to support the electronics industry.

3. They provide all of the aforementioned benefits in a compact size. This means they offer floor space savings and an easier integration into existing work spaces.

4. Integrating SCARA robots into the electronics industry will also provide a fast ROI and increased throughput.

5. There are cleanroom SCARA robot options available as needed for jobs such as fiber optics. The cleanroom SCARA robots available can be safeguarded for deployment into dusty, corrosive, or underwater environments. Not only do these keep the environment sanitized, they offer the precision necessary to pick parts that very small. SCARA’s are so precise and agile, while also being compact, the cleanroom versions have been known to tackle surgery.

It is now easy to see why SCARA robots are the perfect automation solution for tackling electronic applications. RobotWorx takes pride in their customer service and will work with you to find the best solution for your production needs. To get started with your SCARA robot integration, contact RobotWorx experts today online or at 877-762-6881.