SCARA Robots Offer High Speeds and Accuracy

SCARA robots help manufacturers stay competitive across the globe as they bring high speeds, precision, and durability to a wide range of production lines. 

SCARA stands for Selective Compliance Assembly (or Articulated) Robotic Arm. The SCARA is unique with its jointed 2-link arm that operates on a single plane, mimicking the motion of a human arm. They are typically mounted on a pedestal and have up to 4 axes, moving in the X, Y, and X planes with the ability to rotate the end-of-arm tooling. 

These attributes make them the perfect solution for applications that need fast, accurate, and repetitive point to point movements. Applications from pick-and-place, palletizing, depalletizing, machine loading/unloading, and assembly applications are all benefiting from SCARAs.  

Manufacturing Scara Robot

There are different SCARA robots available to meet different manufacturing needs. They can provide cycle times ranging from 0.3 seconds to 0.45 seconds and handle payloads up to 10 kg. They offer a circular work envelope, almost at 360 degrees and their precision can reach tolerances lower than 10 microns. This makes the SCARA ideal for applications with a smaller field of operation and for dealing with small parts.

Furthermore, SCARA robot arms can extend and retract into confined areas and are great for vertical assembly operations. Another advantage of these robots is that they are very compact, saving on floor space and helping to make re-deployment or integration a breeze.

There is a cleanroom SCARA robot available. They can be safeguarded from hazardous environments as all of their joints can be protected and sealed for underwater applications. 

If your company is considering automation, then check out the SCARA robots we offer by FANUC, ABB, and Motoman. The improved precision, speeds, and throughput that SCARA robot family make these a worthwhile investment. If you are looking for a higher range in movement, more dexterity, or a bigger payload capacity the SCARA robot family may not offer the perfect solution for your production line. 

Regardless, RobotWorx will help you find the perfect automated solution for your needs. We have been helping customers integrate automation systems for over 25 years and can guide you to the perfect solution for your specific automation needs. 

Working with an experienced integrator like RobotWorx is the best way to help increase your cycle time, accuracy, and get the best ROI with your automation system. We take pride in our customer service and product quality. 

Contact the robot experts today online or call 740-251-4312 with additional questions about SCARA robots.

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