Security in Berlin, CT

Corbin Russwin is creating locking mechanisms through an assembly line with industrial robots. The assembly of these security systems need to be dependable and act with great precision; so it is no surprise that industrial robots have been chosen. Automating an assembly line is helping to decrease production time and free up workers to perform other beneficial tasks.

Security in Berlin, CT


Berlin, CT is located in the heart of Connecticut. This small town of less than 20,000 residents is known as one of the birthplaces of interchangeable manufacturing parts and the industrial revolution. Manufacturing is one of the largest employers in this city that is split down the middle between residential and industrial. Since it is the birthplace of industry, it would seem to fit that it would also be a place open to the innovation of industrial robotics.

Corbin Russwin, a company that has existed in Berlin, Connecticut since the early 1800s, creates door hardware like locks, key systems, exit devices, etc. Robots can definitely lend a hand to this kind of craftsmanship. The assembly of locking mechanism can include many small parts and springs that need to be put together. The assembly can be tedious and possibly cause eye strain to the workers. However, when manufacturers like Corbin Russwin employ robotic assemblers to put together their key systems and locks, they are employing systems that decrease production time and free up workers to perform other tasks or operate the robots.

There is also another aspect of door hardware manufacturing where robots can provide assistance. Most metal door handles are known for their polished sheen and what better to make sure that metal has an even, consistent polish than a robot? A robotic polishing system is able to polish a door handle, lock or any other door hardware at the same pressure, despite the area it is polishing. This means that it will not be polished more in one place and then be dull in another, which improves the quality of the finished product.

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