Servo-Driven Dispensing Robots


A robot’s dispensing performance is heavily reliant on two factors: the metering principle which defines the delivery process, and the motor drive selection which determines the fluid control method, especially in adhesives and sealants. A servo motor consists of a motor attached to a sensor for position feedback, and allows precise control of angular position.  Although servo motor driven dispensing equipment will cost more initially, the return on investment is greater than other lower cost devices. Servo motors ensure precise control and repeatability of both position and velocity. They allow close monitoring of the dispensing process. For high speed automated dispensing, a servo drive is recommended.

Servo motor drive technology is also suggested for: complex bead paths, multiple parts with different dispensing requirements, varying volume/flow during a cycle, and using the meter as a 7th robot axis.

A main benefit of servo motor driven dispensing is that it can maintain the flow rate of material even if the system or dispensing environment is altered. For example, if ambient temperature of the material varies changing the pressure in the dispense cycle, the servo drive can increase or decrease the amount of current supplied to the motor. Servo drive motors also encourage preset shot profiles with separate volume and flow rate that can be blended between segments. This makes it simple for the user to choose among the preset profiles before beginning the dispensing cycle.  Last, servo technology enables the user to vary the material flow rate during the dispense cycle.

Sealant Equipment and Engineering offers the Servo-Flo 105, a dual servo drive meter mix dispense system for adhesives and sealants.  The Servo-Flo 105 is ideal for applications requiring precision volumetric shot or bead profile dispensing of viscous and abrasive materials.  It dispenses two-component materials in high volume production or in manual application. Sealant Equipment also offers the Integrated Servo Dispenser (ISD), designed to dispense sealer materials in high volume production applications by interfacing with robotic mounted applicators.

Servo drive technology uses easy, accurate operator interface controls. Increased demands for precision, higher torque in small packages, and longer maintenance cycles will continue to contribute to the necessity for servo driven dispensing.  RobotWorx offers a variety of servo-driven dispensing robots.  To talk to a Sales Representative about choosing the right one for your business, click here or call 740-251-4312.

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