Six-axis robots add flexibility to automotive component adhesives

For automotive production lines, six-axis robots are the solution for added flexibility and productivity. When compared with four-axis robots, six-axis robots add high levels of flexibility and enhance the automotive adhesive component. Six axis robots can perform operations that need to meet specific cycle times.

Six-axis robots add flexibility to automotive component adhesives


Flexibility is one of the most important considerations when looking at industrial robots. Six-axis robots add a great amount of flexibility to applications, as opposed to four-axis robots. KUKA Robotics ran into a manufacturer that requested a six-axis robot that added high levels of flexibility – enough flexibility to convert to any automobile type without difficulty.

The automotive manufacturer was looking to add flexibility with six-axis robots integrated into the application of gluing on their automotive add-on components. The level of flexibility could only be achieved with a highly adaptable six-axis robot, according to KUKA.

Since the manufacturing was β€œin-line,” it was completely necessary for the robots performing the operations to meet specific cycle times, KUKA stated. Without that, the production line would be compromised. The gluing application had to be within two seconds of the injection molding process cycle.

By adding this flexibility with a six-axis robot, the manufacturer not only received a versatile robot, but they also received a robot that was able to perform duties faster and with more accuracy than their human counterparts, which only improved the quality of the finished products.

The automotive company worked with KUKA and devised a system layout that optimized their gluing application while adding flexibility with robotic six-axis arms. Not only did they improve their harmonization, but they also were able to refine the application and reduce the cycle time down to 38 seconds, KUKA stated.

Overall, the manufacturer was able to get a flexible six-axis robot that will add to their manufacturing production now and in the future as their products change.

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