Solving Design Issues with Robot Simulation


Robotic simulation is ideal for solving design and programming problems for robot systems.  It is a combination of the 2 most common forms of simulation, discrete event and continuous simulation.  Throughout the years the advantages of simulation have grown immensely due to advances in robotic technology robotic technology.

Benefits of Simulation

Robot simulation is perfect for designing automation systems and is far more advantageous than CAD systems.

  •     Simulation produces higher quality designs for automation.
  •     It allows synchronized group manufacturing through open     communication of concepts and designs.
  •     Tool efficiency permits engineers to produce alternatives and     create better schemes.
  •     Robot simulation also creates system reviews so engineers can test     the accuracy of their automation processes.

Capabilities of Robot Simulation

Visualizing automation and application processes is conceivable with 3D technology.

Robot simulation is capable of collision detection in which software can calculate where an accident could occur and how to prevent it.

Robot reachability can be easily tested allowing engineers the ability to ensure robots have the correct dimensions.

Robot simulation eliminates the threat of safety issues such as damaged equipment when creating robot paths, thus saving on time.

Realistic Robot Simulation (RRS) has created “black box” software that contains the algorithms for the robot movement, permitting accurate motion and cycle time assessments.

It can simulate other equipment such as end-effectors, aiding in collision detection.

Lastly robot simulation can integrate custom software and be easily transitioned to the real world.

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